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In Vivo: Cultivating Wellness and Empowerment


In Vivo Center's Genesis and Vision

In Vivo Center emerged as a concept in 2020, born from my own healing journey. I'd searched and searched for providers who looked like me and could understand the intricate tapestry of my multi-layered identities as a Black, queer woman, but the practitioner landscape was
severely lacking.


My quest extended to finding therapeutic spaces that not only resonated with my personhood but with my need for integrated, holistic transformation. I saw plenty of one-on-one talk therapy. But where was the therapy that incorporated the art of physical movement? Where was the therapy that called in the spirit? Where was the therapy that healed in and through the community?


It was clear to me that there was a profound need for a warm, inclusive haven that embraced all identities, walks of life, and healing styles. And so, In Vivo was born.

Supervision Consulting Mental Health Professional
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"In vivo" is Latin for "within the living." The name resonates with our commitment to facilitating restoration, healing, and growth within the sacred vessels of our clients--their living bodies, their spiritual houses, and their physical temples. "In vivo" encapsulates the belief that the innate journey of self-discovery resides within each of us. When we tap into our deepest strengths, passions, and capacities, we can transcend our limitations and nurture the qualities that make us unique.

Compassionate Care Authentic Joy Inner Strength

Our Mission

At In Vivo Center, we offer quality integrated therapy and wellness services that honor, empower, and heal clients across a spectrum of identities. We believe in creating a space where everyone's journey is respected and celebrated, where the process of healing is rooted in authenticity and empowerment.

Our Guiding Principles

We are steadfast in our commitment to upholding the following values:

Emotional Resilience Wellness Journey Trauma Recovery

Life finds its vibrancy in passion. We're dedicated to fostering an
environment where meaningful work flourishes.

Meaningful Work:

Diverse Lived Experiences Self-Discovery Peace and Tranquility

Compassion is the cornerstone of the therapeutic alliance. It's a guiding light that illuminates our path to healing.


Reclaim Your Life Restoration and Healing Expert Guidance

The spark of curiosity fuels growth and self-actualization. We remain curious to stimulate continuous progress.


Private Practice Emotional Well-Being Self-Empowerment

Self-actualization, the pinnacle of growth, encompasses knowing oneself and living up to one's potential—a journey we undertake together.


In Vivo Center stands as a sanctuary where restoration blooms, identities intersect, and all are welcome.

With care and purpose,
Andréa Addie, Founder of In Vivo Center

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